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Guys. GUYS. I got to see the original Rosie…i can’t even. When I saw it in the gallery my jaw dropped and i’m not gonna lie I got a bit emotional. Seeing this painting made me so SO proud to be a feminist :D

5:36pm · Saturday, April 26th, 2014 · 276 notes
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    Holy shit dude you need to fuck off. You have no right to harass her for doing something that makes her happy. Stop...
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    I saw some hate on this post, and I just wanted to say that it’s awesome when people have unique experiences that make...
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    ^ have you missed point of what photo / image was used for… it was used in war world 2 . to represent women who did jobs...
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    Want to equalize roles** Besides, remember Uncle Sam? He had to inspire people to join the army. Rosie was created to...
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    What? Lol. Like…really?
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    And Geraldine Doyle laid how many rivets over what timespan before quitting to have how many children and spend how many...
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