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numberonediabetic replied to your post “i really want to watch my favorite asmr video to fall asleep but i…”

Ooo do u have any asmr recommendations? I listened to some last semester but I haven’t in a while and since I don’t have a roommate that would be an awesome way to fall asleep!

YES GIRL YASSSS!! Olivia Kissper’s asmr is my absolute fave, she gives me hella tingles, but I also really really like ASMRrequests, WhispersRedasmr, GentleWhispering, theUKASMR, Heather Feather, Massage Asmr, and ASMRGAINS (who’s this really hot british dude 10/10 definitely reccomend)

yeah i love all of them and watch them all regularly, they’re all really cool, a bunch of them have accents (which is a trigger for me) but if you’re not into that a couple of them don’t. so yeah! i hope you like them!! let me know which ones you like and what you’re triggers are so i can give you more recommendations as I find new people/new triggers!! :DD

i really want to watch my favorite asmr video to fall asleep but i feel weird playing it in front of my roommate cause i’m awkward…blehhh. 

breasts are not sex organs


sex organs either produce gametes, i.e. eggs and sperm, or are involved in sexual reproduction. breasts do not fit this criteria.

breasts are a secondary sex characteristic which we have because of sexual dimorphism in humans

other secondary sex characteristics include wider hips in women and an adam’s apple in men

breasts are not fucking sex organs


i cant stop laughing help

Mindy/Danny + Kisses.


Dean + Peachy

He said “your eyes are much too bright”, the things you say are never right, the sins of all the world lie on your head. So when you see me look the other way, cause lately all I do is play. In a sin, considering my middle name is ‘shake my body’.

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i need ideas for a research project for my stats class…i wanted to do something in regards to sexuality/gender since that’s my emphasis as far as my degree, but i’m coming up with absolutely nothing…help?




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